Modern radiator covers, window shutters and decorative laser cut panels

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Vinyl radiator covers range

 Our Vinyl Radiator covers are most textured and versatile radiator covers. Go anywhere, and manufactured using the highest quality zinc coated metal covers with a huge range of colours to contrast or compliment your interior decor style.  Choose from different pattern styles such as textured embossed effects, leather, wood, metallics and decorative effects. Then choose whether you require a mirrored top or a cast aluminium personalised top, and what style and colour of eyelet patterns you require. We can also create upholstered effects with buttons if required.  Is is easy to see why when you can create dramatic high quality radiator covers with so many options. 

We also have fantastic customer testimonials submitted to independant forums.

Please contact us via the enquiries page if we can help in any way. Our modern radiator covers are all manufactured in the UK. Please browse through our gallery, or view additional designs at our sister site Modern Radiator Covers

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