Modern radiator covers, window shutters and decorative laser cut panels

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Advertise on a radiator cover

 Our Advertisement Radiator covers are the ultimate radiator covers for business and trade. Send us your artwork, company logo, brand or advert and we will create highest quality radiator covers that double as amazing display, promotion and marketing platforms. We work very closley with you at all stages of the design, ensuring everything is in place.. Manufactured in laser cut metal, not only are they wonderful to look at, but they also have amazing heat transfer performance. Available in a range of styles - we apply a  digitally printed vinyl applied to one of our YOYO covers.  For the first time you can make a radiator cover that is a joy to look at, timeless in design, with truly innovative styling. Choose whether you require a perforated top, mirrored top or a cast aluminium personalised top.  It is easy to see why when you can create dramatic high quality radiator covers with so many options. 

We also have fantastic customer testimonials submitted to independant forums.

Please contact us via the enquiries page if we can help in any way. Our modern radiator covers are all manufactured in the UK. Please browse through our gallery, or view additional designs at our sister site Modern Radiator Covers

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